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Your logo interests me because it shows the function of the radicle. I understand that seeds in most if not all cases are raised up soon afther the radicle has completed its essential job of finding both stability and water and after which using then to strengthen the upper radicle or stem so that it can do its job of strenthening the cotyledons to produce their cotyledonary leaves, being the seed's two structural halves becoming the seed's first leaves, after which they assisit in the organism's subsequent production of two "true" leaves, being pepper, tomato, imaptiend or petunia leaves and so forth.

So I ask you why you name yourself, "Radicle", but then show a composite type logo of the seed's later stage of producing what seem to be a generic set of normal leaves. Why not show the radicle jack-knifinng the seed upwards while it does the primary work of "stage one" which is not to produce leaves, but to produce roots, thus its name.

I think it's impoortant to tell people seeds don't "grow seedlings". The first thing they do is go down intoi the earth to rise up to the sky. When I tell poeple that, they are surprised. Bit like how they're blown away when I tell people we humans are parasites. Most folks think mushrooms are like plants. But they're much more like anmials.

Just a suggestion.

Love your site.



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Hi George - thanks for your message. I’m not sure I’m going to have an answer that you’ll find satisfactory for your query(!) As you say, the logo shows the function of the radicle and I think it does what it needs to do well enough for its purposes.

The logo is not meant to be a scientifically accurate representation of any particular seed or plant. For example, there is also no soil line indicated, and neither are there any lateral or secondary roots pictured.

I looked at quite a few photos/images/illustrations of seed germination/radicle roots before creating the image. I wanted a compact/tidy, attractive and graphic logo that would be easy to create in my chosen medium (it’s a hand made and hand printed drypoint), and also easily recognisable as to what it was depicting. In the end it’s a stylised logo and my own personal, artistic, visual interpretation of a radicle emerging from a seed!

Also, because I am not showing a series of subsequent stages of germination (as many illustrations of a radicle do), I thought an image of just the radicle emerging from a seed in isolation looked a bit strange/hard to read on its own and didn’t make a particularly attractive or interesting logo - but this was just my opinion at the time of course and people have a right to disagree.

If people read the introductory post to Radicle they will understand what a radicle is (and why I thought it fitting for this newsletter). And I hope that if anyone was interested in the exact process of how a seedling emerges they would know to look this up for themselves.

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