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Publication schedule (or lack of) and pitching

I feel very much aligned with the words and sentiment expressed by Kamea on this Uprooted newsletter when it comes to the pressure to “produce”. I am resistant to producing purely for productivity’s sake in this space. Hence there has never been any commitment to a schedule for what is published here on Radicle and when. There is no fixed scheduling for newsletters and it is currently possible to read all past newsletters whether you are on the free or paid subscription.

If you have a piece you would like to pitch for publication please e-mail me at decolonisethegarden@gmail.com. Your writing doesn’t need to be polished, there is no format to follow and your piece does not need to be formal in any way. I’m aware that the very people I am keen to spotlight the most are those who aren’t used to having their voices heard, much less valued. If you feel you have something to say about gardening, plants or your connection and relationship to the natural world, I would love the hear from you. Everyone is welcome, however you write or speak, whatever your approach is to the subject.

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